About the Artists del Norte Rotating Art Program

The Artists del Norte Rotating Art Program is a valuable resource for area businesses. This inexpensive program provides original, framed artwork by local artists for your business' walls. The rotating art program supplies a quarterly change of art for corporate and public offices.  Our artists provide the number of pieces you request, changing the show every three months with different artists' work.

In return, business establishments donate a small sum to Artists del Norte each year in the form of a tax deductible donation.  The suggested donation is $20 per year per space for artwork.  For example, if your wall requires 10 pieces of art, you will have 40 new and different displays per year for you and your clients to enjoy for only a suggested donation of $200.



The following businesses are actively involved in the Artists del Norte Rotating Arts Program.  We thank them for being our loyal supporters:

Anoka County Attorney's Offices
First Choice Insurance Services
North Metro Telecommunications

For more information on this program contact Raynele Schneider
email: raynele_schneider@me.com